I am interested in the way a photo can become a three dimensional object and what happens when
a part of the photo leaves its context behind and is integrated in a sculpture. In my latest works I try
to explore this relation between photography and sculpture. I am concerned in the way photography
can exist as a material and if it can be transformed in another form or reused by being included in the
sculptural form.



Pseudodiorama is a photo-sculpture made from different photographs, a mix between photography and sculpture.
Subject is a serious play with the problems of our health system. The people inside the yard of the children’s
hospital are depicted as seen from my apartment’s window across the road at the 6th floor. In this work a blood
hose is the size of the head of a patient. By playing with serious problems this work is in the dada line.



I am interested in the way the common objects given away become sacred. For this project I choose to photograph the objects people give away in the name of a dead relative .
I use photography and lead casting in parallel. Photography because of the special relation that it
has with memory and lead because it is a more definitive material.


Reenactment 1 and 2.
In this series I am interested in the violence in the urban environment. I feel that urban space is full of aggressive
people always tensed and waiting for the smallest reason to become violent. A culture of an overrated ego. From
the heavy walk to the menacing posture of the individuals, I think that a part of the small crimes are just a way of
dominating others. Theft and robbery are not necessary for an illegal good as they are a way of exhibiting a physical
and psychological superiority. I am unable to react in tense situations. Sometimes I pass by an event like this without
fully understanding what is happening and without doing anything. Also the idea that violence can be totally
unprovoked is hard to accept.
My works in this series are re-enactments of such situations