Sever Petrovici-Popescu
n. 1986
lives and  works in Bucharest.
Master Degree at  National University of Arts Bucharest in 2014
Curently Phd student at National University of Arts Bucharest studying theme: Photosculpture.

email: severpopescu@yahoo.com


Personal Exhibition “Flying Objects” at Romanian National Library June, July, August 2014.

Group  exhibitions:
Public space group exhibition “Dada100” by Kulturama Revolution Plaza, Bucharest, August- November 2016.
Public space group exhibition “Kulturama” Revolution Plaza, Bucharest, August- November 2015.
Group Exhibition “Humans against Life” at C.F.P Bucharest, September 2015.
Group Exhibition “Mirror” at the Centre of Visual Arts within the Time Based Arts/Time Factory
workshop, Bucharest July 2015.
Group Exhibition “What about School” at Central School as part of the “Night of the museums” event,
May 2015.
Group exhibition “Entropic Erosion Human Cityscape” at Carol 58 part of the “Night of the Galleries”
event Bucharest April 2015.
Group Exhibition “Metropola at Metropolis” Metropolis Centre, Bucharest, July-August 2014.
Group Exhibition “Born Before-Raised After ’89”, Bucharest University May 2014.
Group Exhibition “Searching” – Bucharest University May 2013.
Group Exhibition Gallery Hui , “Open International Photography Competition” Arles, France 5 July-18
Group Exhibition Matt Roberts Arts Photo Salon 2011 London February 2011.
Group Exhibition « Romania Mon Amour » , Olbia, Sardinia, Italy July 2010.
Licence Projects Group Exhibition at Romanian Peasant Museum Bucharest July 2009.
Group Exhibition Essl contest, at Gallery ¾ by National Museum of Contemporary Arts 2009.
Group Exhibition at National Radio House in Bucharest 2007.